Grab A Juicy Burger Just Minutes Away From Home

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Most cities are littered with burger joints, and sadly, many of them offer sub-par frozen patties topped with a sad array of flavorless “stuff”. You’ll be happy to hear that there is a delicious alternative just minutes away from your Fairlane Woods apartment in Dearborn—Good Burger is a fast-food stop that will keep you coming back […]

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Fitness and Fun in Dearborn


There are so many benefits to learning a martial art. Confidence, stress relief, and improved health and fitness are just some of them. All ages and fitness levels are welcome at the Mizudo Martial Arts Academy , just minutes away from the Fairlane Woods apartments in Dearborn. Whether you are looking for something to do with friends, an activity […]

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Grab A Scoop Near Fairlane Woods

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To say that it’s hot outside is an understatement. Sometimes the best way to cool down is to indulge in a nice big scoop of ice cream or slurp down a cold milkshake. There are several great places to satisfy your frozen treat cravings near Fairlane Woods Apartments. Yogurtopia: 1000 South Military St. Pretty much any […]

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