Classic Car Movie Features to Watch

It can be really fun to catch an old movie and see a great classic car in it. Plus, it lets you see the classics that made the Detroit area the hub of car design. Corvettes were considered classic almost the minute they rolled off the Chevrolet assembly line, and many movies feature these classic cars.

So kick back with Netflix, Hulu, or a DVD in your apartment at Fairlane Woods and be prepared to spy them in these movies where classic Corvettes star or lend ambiance.

Corvette Summer debuted back in 1978. Mark Hamill, of Star Wars fame, has a Corvette Stingray in this movie. Hamill chases down the bad guys who steal his Corvette, making this action-packed film filled with cool car chases.

Apollo 13, a 1996 film, features awesome rocket cars, but you can see many Corvettes roaming in the background.

Animal House has a vintage red Corvette that is miraculously undamaged as partying, toga chants and assorted destruction go on about it.

Despite the hilarious name, 1967 movie, Hotrods to Hell, is your chance to see a 1958 Corvette, which the villains drive.

Dead Man’s Curve is based on the famous song, in which singer Jan Berry sang about a deadly race and Corvette’s crash. Later, he then actually crashed his own Corvette in an accident that left him impaired for life.

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