Donate Blood And Learn CPR In Dearborn

Ring in the New Year with the potential of helping save lives, by donating blood and/or learning CPR right here in the Dearborn area, not far from Fairlane Woods Apartments.

Blood Donation

Donating blood is really quite easy even if you are afraid of needles. Anyone 17 and over can donate as long as you weigh a minimum of 110 pounds. There’s a little paperwork to go through – your blood pressure will be checked and a drop of blood may be taken to check your iron level. If you are afraid, be sure to let the staff know. You may want to bring a friend along to chat with and keep you company. The actual donation only takes about 10 minutes.

Eat a good meal prior to donating and drink a lot of fluids. You will be asked to remain at least 15 minutes following donation to rest and have a snack, along with drinking more fluids. Once you get the hang of it, you may just wish to become a much-needed, regular donor!

For donation sites, check with the Dearborn County Hospital or the local American Red Cross chapter, which holds regular donation drives in the area.

First Aid & CPR Training

The Red Cross also holds adult and pediatric CPR and first aid classes in the area on a regular basis. Classes are scheduled within a 15-minute drive, in Livonia and Warren, and, of course, in Detroit. There are no specific requirements and you do not have to be a first-responder or work in the medical field to take a class.

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