Eat and Drink Better for Improved Results From Our Fitness Center

A healthy diet along with drinking the right fluids is key to getting improved results at our Dearborn community fitness center. To help get you started, here are two ways the right drinks and food will enhance your workout at our fitness center:

To get a flatter stomach, concentrate on the area bellow your belly button. A study indicated that people who did a lower body resistant training exercise burned more calories than those who did an upper body workout. This is because your legs carry more mass. Also, remember that a proper diet will help you get a six-pack more than doing 100 crunches will.

Your GI tract has to be healthy because that is how you soak up your nutrients. You can keep it healthy by consuming the right vitamins, plenty of water, a probiotic, fiber and minerals. Also, drink an ice cold glass of water when you first get up in the morning. Doing this will ramp up your metabolism up to 24-percent for 90-minutes.

Our luxurious apartments in Dearborn with fitness center features a private lakeside swimming pool that will help you maintain your healthy lifestyle. If our Dearborn apartments appeal to you, please contact us.

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