Go Green in Dearborn: Energy-Efficient Bulbs With Softer Glow

There are many ways to go green in Dearborn. One of the easiest and most energy saving is to switch out the light bulbs in your apartment for energy-efficient ones. This can lower your electric bill and save on power.

You don’t have to buy a light bulb that’s too bright. Energy-efficient bulbs come in pleasing, soft white shades, too. Some brands you might want to try include Cree bulbs, which uses LED lights to create a soothing glow in any room. A couple of other noteworthy brands include the Ology CFL bulb, and the Feit Conserv Energy CFL. Be prepared to pay a bit more for energy-efficient bulbs, but remember they will last much longer than traditional bulbs.

If you want a light bulb that gives off just the right amount of light, purchase Energy Star light bulbs that have a rating of 2700-3000K. Anything higher than that will be brighter, which is not recommended not for indoors but for a patio or porch.

LED lights tend to be the most natural type of energy-efficient bulbs. What type of bulbs are you going to try?

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