Healthy Living For Fairlane Woods

If you are looking to get in shape and want to live in an atmosphere that can help out, check out the Fairlane Woods Apartments in Dearborn. If you are really focusing on a fitness goal, like preparing for a race, or wanting to lose weight, sometimes you have to immerse yourself in a culture with similar goals.

At Fairlane Woods Apartments, we have a number of amenities that can help you get in shape in no time. To start, our community’s facilities have a fitness room with machines and free weights. We also have several treadmills for you to get in some cardio before or after work without having to head to a gym. Our spacious outdoor pool gives you the option to swim some laps in the summer, and an indoor hot tub for you to soak those sore muscles during the winter.

While the convenience of our workout space will certainly help you get in shape, we are conveniently located near a number of other gyms so you can go workout with others and be pushed by trainers. Whatever your style of fitness training, there is something near the Fairlane Woods Apartments for you. For a private club experience, check out the Fairlane Club. For a more communal gym, try the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center. If you like the kind of corporate style gym, where you always know what you can expect, we are located near Gold’s Gym and Planet Fitness.

Living in a community that promotes a healthy lifestyle is easy! Contact us today to find out more about our apartments in Dearborn.

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