Organize Your Dearborn Kitchen With Cereal Box Dividers

Perhaps each time you open the kitchen drawers in our luxury Dearborn apartments you discover a disaster. When this happens, it can be extremely difficult to find anything. Make note of how to make cereal box dividers and with these organization tips, have your drawers looking better in no time.

To make these dividers you will need pretty decorative paper, tape, regular and double-sided, scissors, a pencil, a yard stick, and a box cutter. Also, have empty boxes on hand, such as cereal boxes and granola bar boxes.

Place the boxes in your kitchen drawers and mark where each of them needs to be cut. Using your box cutter, cut each of the boxes.

Cut the decorative paper of your choosing and tape a thin strip in the inside of your box. Use a pencil to push the paper into the inside creases of the box. After doing this, tape down another strip going in the opposite direction. Repeat for all edges of the box.

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