Our Apartments in Dearborn C.A.T.E.R. to You

If you’re like most people, you look for ways to make your life easier. Fairlane Woods Apartments resident concierge service, which is part of Marquette’s we C.A.T.E.R. program, offers convenient services and can help save you time.

  • Dry-cleaning Services
    • Drop off your clothing at the concierge office and they will take care of getting it dry-cleaned for you.
  • Mobile Pet Grooming
    • Contact the office and they will arrange a grooming appointment for your pet with a local groomer for a minimal fee.
  • Mobile Car Wash and Detail
    • The office will be happy to arrange an appointment for you with a local car wash and detail shop for a nominal expense.
  • Gift Wrapping
    • If you don’t want to wrap a gift yourself, the concierge office can take care of it.
  • Vacation Away Program
    • You have nothing to worry about while you’re away. Contact the office to have your plants watered, your mail delivered and your cat watched after.

Looking for luxury apartment homes in Dearborn? Contact us for more information about our units or to view our property.

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