Pepperoni & Cheese

Take a day this weekend to relax at home with a nice, warm, gooey pizza. With delivery options all over Dearborn, residents at Fairlane Woods Apartments can easily chow down on their favorite flavors in the comfort of their own home while watching the newest blockbuster. Below, we have listed out a few of our local recommendations.

Buddy’s Pizza is a Detroit-area institution and has been dishing out pies since 1946. This spot make a distinctive Detroit style pie, usually served as a square shape.  With several locations in the suburban area, residents all over Michigan are fond of this eatery. The one in Dearborn is located at 22148 Michigan Avenue. We recommend trying the Chicken Fajita Specialty Pizza with seasoned chicken, chunky picante sauces, roasted peppers and served with a side of  sour cream. The Gourmet Veggie with cheese , cauliflower, mushrooms, broccoli and carrots is also great for those who prefer vegetarian dishes.  Buddy’s also makes gluten free and fat-free cheese variations along with fresh soups, salads, and other Italian specialties.

Sal’s Pizza and Café is another excellent choice. This pizza parlor serves excellent pepperoni and veggie lover pizzas. Sal’s shows Dearborn pride by offering several Halal pizzas geared to the city’s Middle Eastern-origin population. The first is the Halal special pizza, with cheese, halal pepperoni, mushroom, black olive, green pepper, onions. The second is Kahaye, with cheese, Feta cheese, halal pepperoni, black olive, onion, jalapeno peppers. Sal’s also serves an Italian menu with soups, salads, pasta and chicken dinners to go.

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