Take in The Tahquamenon

If you’re new to Michigan, you should know that there is no shortage of fun activities, exciting events and incredible Michigan attractions to keep you busy. Half the fun is planning the places you want to visit and looking forward to your trip.

Once you’re all settled into your home at Fairlane Woods apartments, you should plan some time to have a little Midwest fun. In addition to the museums, amusement parks and local events, make sure you add some natural beauty to your Michigan bucket list. Tahquamenon Falls is one of the best places you have to visit for a weekend trip – it’s a 6 hour drive from Dearborn, but once you arrive, you understand it is well worth the drive.

The falls are near Whitefish Bay on Lake Superior, and they are really awe-inspiring. The Falls are the second largest on the east side of the Mississippi River! They produce up to 50,000 gallons of water per second, all of which travels 50 feet to the river below. The sound is magnificent. During the winter the falls are actually frozen, which also makes for a beautiful sight to see. The “breathtaking beauty of the crystalized water columns” is picturesque.

The locals refer to the falls as the root beer falls, because as the water cascades off the rocks it has a brownish tone almost the color of rootbeer. If you’re bringing children along, be sure to point out the color and see if they think it looks a little like a giant root beer waterfall.

There really isn’t a bad time to visit the falls, in the summer you can camp in the nearby campgrounds. You can hike around the paved path near the falls to find exceptional photo opportunities, or just relax with friends at the Tahquamenon Brewery where you can enjoy a buffalo burger and a beer, or whatever mouth-watering meal strikes your fancy.

Even though the upper falls get all the attention, don’t miss the lower falls if you’re up for a little adventure. They are just four miles downstream from the upper falls, and there is a station nearby where you can rent rowboats to paddle up for a closer look, or explore the small island nearby.

There is enough to do at Tahquamenon Falls for you to spend an entire morning or afternoon taking in the sites, getting a little exercise, enjoying the food and, of course, preserving your memories with beautiful photos.

If you’d like a list of places to put on your Michigan bucket-list, contact us today! We are excited for your adventure and would love to hear about it.

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