The Best Cars in American History

Michigan is proud of its automotive heritage. For the last hundred years, the state has offered some of the best cars in American history. These cars have brought joy to the American people, and they should be celebrated. The Automotive Hall of Fame is located in Dearborn and is a must see experience.

The Automotive Hall of Fame pays tribute to Michigan’s contributions to the industry. Throughout this museum, you will find the iconic cars of history on display. This is a fantastic chance to pose with your favorite vehicle. Alongside each vehicle, you will find a description of the car and the place that it holds in automotive history.

While the vehicles stored in the museum are interesting, the real stars of the Automotive Hall of Fame are the honorees. Every year the Hall inducts icons of the industry into the Hall of Fame. For true car junkies, this is a great learning experience. There are hundreds of names that have contributed to the history of cars. From racing legends like A.J. Foyt to manufacturing experts like Henry Ford, you will find all of the biggest names in this museum. The Hall of Fame is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the industry.

One big event to consider attending is the induction ceremony. It is held every year in July. The event is a fantastic celebration of the industry, where iconic legends in automotives such as Ettore BugattI, Walter Owen Bentley and Karl Benz are honored for their innovative work, branding, and perseverance.  

The Automotive Hall of Fame is one of the most enjoyable museum experiences in Dearborn, and it is located fairly close to your home at Fairlane Woods Apartments. Contact us to learn more about the community.

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