Attend Henry Ford College’s Newest Theatrical Production

Henry Ford College’s Theatre Arts program creates multiple shows each year, and its Summer Stock of skilled performers is nearly ready to show Dearborn residents and other eager theatre-goers its newest production, Almost, Maine, a romantic comedy which will open in the Adray Auditorium later this month.

Even if you frequently enjoy plays and musicals, Almost, Maine, as performed at Henry Ford College, promises to be interesting, funny, and enjoyable. The overall production, named after its setting, involves several — nine, in fact — individual, smaller performances, each one different from the last.

Originally written by John Cariani, and directed during its Dearborn run by Henry Ford College’s Gerard Dzuiblinski, this production will feature a large cast of characters, played by the Summer Stock’s diverse cast, which is filled with everyone from Henry Ford students to graduate students and established actors and actresses.

Finding excellent performances to attend during this time of year can be difficult since companies’ seasons often start in Fall and end in Spring, but Henry Ford College, in Almost, Maine, allows almost anyone to enjoy a show during the early Summer. Now, it is recommended that attendees of this particular romantic comedy be mature, and at least 16 years of age; prospective theatre-goers can visit the website of Henry Ford College’s Theatre Arts program to learn about some of the specific themes that the performance entails. It might help you decide if Almost, Maine is right for you.

There will be eight performances of Almost, Maine at Adray Auditorium, located at 5101 Evergreen Road in Dearborn, during a period of just over two weeks. It will open on Thursday, June 15, with an evening performance; those start at 8:00 pm. Other evening performances will take place the next day, on Friday, June 16, on Saturday, June 17, and also on Thursday, June 29, Friday, June 30, and Saturday, July 1. There will also be two matinée performances, at 2:00 pm, on Sunday, June 18 and Sunday, July 2.

Tickets are more affordable than some other theatre productions, at $15.00 for adults, and $12.00 for students and staff of Henry Ford College as well as senior citizens. You can get them here, and don’t wait — they could sell quickly.

If Almost, Maine at Henry Ford College and other, similar events sound interesting to you, contact us at the Fairlane Woods Apartments. Our community is a great, luxurious place to live.

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