Try a Treadmill Interval Workout in Our Dearborn Fitness Center

High interval training has become a popular workout technique for the most knowledgeable and health-conscious individuals. While this type of workout has not been traditionally applied to treadmill workouts, there is a way that you can do so at our apartments in Dearborn with fitness center.

Begin your treadmill interval workout by performing a light jog. Then increase your workout intensity for 20 seconds by sprinting. Follow this up by 40 seconds of light jogging again. To accomplish this, you will need to increase the speed of your treadmill periodically. If you have a treadmill with the option of preset speeds, this will be much easier.

When you begin to feel that your interval workout is too light, you can progress to 30 seconds of sprinting and 30 seconds of rest. Then, after you are comfortable, progress to 40 seconds of sprinting and 20 seconds of rest.

Check out our apartments in Dearborn with fitness center. All you have to do is contact us, and we’ll schedule an appointment.

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