Turn Your Home Into a Winter Wonderland

Do you love the look of icicles hanging off of the private entrance of your home at Fairlane Woods? Maybe you enjoy seeing them blend into the natural vistas and landscaped grounds that are a cherished part of community life in Dearborn. If so, maybe it’s time you visited The Glass Academy. Located over on Trowbridge, it hosts a fascinating icicle class throughout the winter.

What is an icicle class? It’s an opportunity to get creative with man-made materials and bring the icicles you love seeing outdoors into your apartment in Dearborn.  The classes are held at the facility at least once a week and on the weekends. During the month of December the staff will be holding three classes on assorted Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

During the week, the 1.5 hour-long classes tend to occur in the evening hours whereas on the weekends, they’re typically held in mid-mornings and early afternoons. And by the end of just one class, you’ll have something to show for your efforts.

There is an admission, rescheduling and cancellation fee attached to every icicle class. However, the cancellation and rescheduling fees may be avoided by following the facility’s advance reservation policies. Information about the class is available through the academy at the time of reservations. It is also good to note that there is no limit on the number of icicle classes Fairlane Woods’ residents may take. So many crafty individuals attend several and use their creations as special occasion gifts.

If you can’t wrangle 1.5 hours of free time out of your schedule to take a class, it is possible to purchase ready-made icicles from the facility too. Either way, the glass creations will make lovely additions to the artsy interiors of your home. To see how wonderful glass icicles would look inside a new apartment in Dearborn, please contact us today.

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