Visit A Cider Mill Near Fairlane Woods

Fall in Detroit brings caramel apples, pressed cider, and cinnamon spice donuts.

The cider mills near Fairlane Woods Apartments are known for both their delicious offerings and family friendly fun. They include:

Parmenter’s Northville Cider Mill 

After serving in the Civil War, Benijah Parmenter came back to the Northville area where he returned to farming. In 1873, he used his mustering out pay to open a mill. At the time, it produced vinegar and was powered by a team of horses. Seven years later, a threshing machine engine kept it running, and the mill ground as much as ten thousand bushels of apples every year. Until 1953, the mill focused on producing apple cider vinegar, and it was sold by Benijah’s descendants in the early 1960s. Today, it’s owned by Robert and Carina Nelson, and their offerings draw large crowds. The mill is open through November 19th and products include apple cider, spice donuts, and apple butter.

Franklin Cider Mill

The Franklin Cider Mill opened in 1837 after nearly three years of construction. It frequently changed hands during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and a flood shut the operation down around the turn of the century. Robert McKee purchased the property in 1918 and declared the cider season would take place between August 15th and January 1st. Since 1968, the Peltz family has owned the mill and it offers a friendly atmosphere. Just like other cider mills, Franklin’s has plenty of bees flying around, and products include cinnamon spice donuts, cider, and traditional apple pies.

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