Find Your New Favorite Book at a Bookstore Near Dearborn

Browse the shelves at a bookstore near Dearborn.

Few things are more exciting than walking into a new-to-you bookstore for the first time. Whether it’s a specialty shop catering to a specific interest or demographic or a used bookstore with a constantly-revolving stock, you can find it just around the corner from Fairlane Woods Apartments. If you’re looking for a new bookstore near […]

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Learn the Art of Glassblowing at the Glass Academy

Learn how to make glass art at the Glass Academy.

If you’re looking for something fun and different, look no further. Try glassblowing. That’s right. The ancient art of glassblowing is alive and well near Fairlane Woods Apartments, and you can learn all about it at the Glass Academy. About the Glass Academy The Glass Academy is operated by founding artists Michelle Plucinsky and Chris […]

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Learn Karate and More at These Martial Arts Studios Around Dearborn

Stay fit and learn karate at these martial arts studios around Dearborn.

Do you want to learn new moves? Do you want to improve your cardiovascular health and increase your level of endurance at the same time? If so head to one of the following martial arts studios around Dearborn. There are plenty of local classes near Fairlane Woods Apartments where you can try karate, judo, and so much more.

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