Discover Delicious Treats at Bakeries in Dearborn

Bakeries in Dearborn serve fresh bread and pastries.

Whether you are looking for bakeries that serve bread and cake, or simply something to satisfy your sweet tooth, the area around Fairlane Woods Apartments has shops to satisfy your craving. Local bakers offer fresh, delicious, and quality goods at these bakeries in Dearborn.

Capri Italian Bakery

This third-generation Italian family business makes bread, cookies, pies, and pastries. Everything at Capri Italian Bakery is handmade from scratch to produce high-quality goods of various sizes, shapes, and flavors. These include garlic cheddar bread, cinnamon raisin specialty bread, pepperoni rolls, and pizza. The staff Capri’s will make you feel at home as you enjoy your favorite breakfast. Visit them later in the day to enjoy their lunch special or even dinner for two.

New Yasmeen Bakery

New Yasmeen Bakery has origins in Lebanon. Here in Dearborn, they bake in the traditional way. Every day, the baker uses fresh farm ingredients to create high-quality goods. These selections of delicious products include Lebanese bread, baked kibbeh, meat bread, veggie and cheese pie, among others. Best of all, New Yasmeen is not just a bakery. It’s also a cafe where you can enjoy eating various fresh-baked cultural foods.

Iversen’s Bakery

Iversen’s Bakery has been in business for over 50 years, and shoppers love its focus on natural ingredients. Their specialty is custom cakes, and each cake is perfect for weddings, anniversaries, or other special occasions. Other treats include various tortes with flavors such as raspberry, black forest, rum, and “Chocolate Dream.” The bakery will deliver your favorite tortes, complete with custom decorations. They also never run out of fresh cupcakes. Stop by so you can try specialties like “Chocolate Fudge Raspberry” and “Orange Kiss.”

If you’re looking for something more filling as the weather cools down, order a bowl of chili from these local restaurants. These bakeries are close to other shopping destinations that are near our apartments in Dearborn. If you want to call our community home, please contact us, and we will take you on a personal tour of our apartments.

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