Enjoy a Day Outside at Kensington Metropark

Spend the day outdoors at Kensington Metropark!

Not far from Fairlane Woods Apartments is one of the most popular parks in Michigan. We’re talking about Kensington Metropark, and its nearly 4,500 acres of wooded, hilly terrain that surround Lake Kent. There is much to see and do. More than 2.5 million people come every year to enjoy some of the state’s natural treasures. Highlights include:

Farm Center 

Step back in time at the 150-year-old barn to get a glimpse of rural farm life. It features live farm animals, field crops, and old-fashioned farm equipment. Also, the center offers a fun grass maze and a new skills area complete with a blacksmith shop and a brick oven.

Black Locust Disc Golf Course

Named for the black locust trees surrounding the property, this disc golf course offers 36 holes lined with rolling meadows and thick woods. For added fun, the basket on the 18th hole is located in the tree stump. Disc golf is played similarly to traditional golf. Players try to throw their disc into the basket using the least number of tosses.


Kensington Metropark draws over 260 resident and migratory birds every year. The great blue herons are a favorite, and there’s even a spring festival held in their honor every year. Visitors can identify the birds by their grayish-blue feathers, long neck, and long orangish-yellow bill. They stand statue-still when hunting for fish, and move with lightning-fast speed when they find their meal.


Don’t forget your fishing rod! Kensington is one of the best fishing destinations in Southeastern Michigan. The maximum depth of the lake is 36 feet, and anglers can cast a line from the shore or a boat. Species include bass, bluegill, and northern pike.

Fairlane Woods Apartments is just a short drive from these behind-the-scenes tours when you’d rather spend the day indoors. If you would like to live near Kensington Metropark and other premier outdoor destinations, please contact us. We would love to give you a tour of our apartments for rent in Dearborn where you can see all we have to offer.

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