Solve the Puzzle at These Escape Adventures Near Dearborn

Try these escape adventures near Dearborn for a fun night out!

Are you looking for something different and fun to do with your friends this weekend? Try an escape room adventure near Fairlane Woods Apartments! Escape rooms have sixty-minute, live-action adventures where you and your friends work together as a team to escape a locked room by solving a series of puzzles and games. Each escape room has a different theme and backstory to create an immersive experience. Challenge your mind and have a day to remember at these escape adventures near Dearborn.


Solve the Plot

Solve the Plot is one of the first escape adventure centers in Michigan. Find your way out of the Countdown Room, examine the crime scene to solve the murder of a local physician in the Murder Mystery Room, or escape from the Lock Box Room. You only have 60 minutes, so use your time wisely!

Solve the Plot has hosted over 5,000 visitors since 2015 and remains one of Michigan’s classic game room experiences. Special games, indoor/outdoor scavenger hunts, activities, catering, and photography packages are available for large parties and corporate bookings.


Clever Clues Escape Room

Spend an evening at Clever Clues Escape Room for a challenging experience that can’t be beaten. Clever Clues is the perfect place for newcomers and escape room aficionados alike. An experienced game guide will be in the room with you to keep an eye on your progress, but they won’t give you any clues!

The noir-themed Precinct Escape Adventure is perfect for escape room beginners aged 12 and up. Crack the case at the police station and identify the corrupt cop before time runs out. Experienced escape adventurers will love the extremely challenging Meltdown escape room, recommended for groups of six or more. Use your minds and puzzle solving skills to stop the impending nuclear meltdown before it’s too late.


Live your best life at Fairlane Woods Apartments. Once you’ve tried these escape adventures near Dearborn, finish your evening with a one-of-a-kind hot chocolate from these local restaurants.  Contact us today to learn how our luxury community can be your next home.

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