Learn the Art of Glassblowing at the Glass Academy

Learn how to make glass art at the Glass Academy.

If you’re looking for something fun and different, look no further. Try glassblowing. That’s right. The ancient art of glassblowing is alive and well near Fairlane Woods Apartments, and you can learn all about it at the Glass Academy.

About the Glass Academy

The Glass Academy is operated by founding artists Michelle Plucinsky and Chris Nordin. Both formally studied the glass arts and earned fine arts degrees from Alfred University in New York and the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, respectively. The building is a studio, a classroom, and an art gallery for people who want to learn more about glass art.

You can make drinking vessels like mugs and wine glasses, craft household objects such as paperweights and miniature sculptures, or create jewelry items such as beads and trinkets.

Helping you will be academy staff, who’ll guide you in the particulars of glassblowing from start to finish. First, they’ll teach about the glass-making process. Then, you’ll delve into a thrilling glassblowing experience.

Glass-Blowing Classes

There are a number of classes to choose from. The “Household Objects” class shows how to make a useful, everyday object in hot molten glass. “Campfire Glass Adventure” is where colorful paperweights, as well as other items, are produced. Create your own personal beverage container in the “Happy Hour Drinkware” class.

Other classes focus on making functional items such as bottle stoppers or decorative creations such as handcrafted glass garden accents. With each class, the idea is to indulge your artistry to create shapes and apply colors.

In addition to serving as a teaching facility, the academy also houses glass arts-related events. A shop on the premises carries a variety of glass items.

The area around Dearborn is full of fun things to do. You can also become part of the community at these volunteer opportunities nearby. To learn about more unique offerings near Fairlane Woods Apartments and our community’s features, contact us today!

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