Enjoy a Full Latin Meal at M Cantina

Enjoy tapas and authentic meals at M Cantina.

You can either go out to eat tonight, or you can delight in an authentic dining experience like no other that’s just around the corner from Fairlane Woods Apartments. At M Cantina in Dearborn, Executive Chef and Master Mixologist Junior Merino brings gourmet Mexican street food to the table in timeless style, with a flair for the dramatic.


Tapas are a traditional menu item in Latin and Spanish cuisines. They consist of ‘small bites,’ usually served in several courses. Tapas are perfect for large groups, where everybody can share a little bit of everything. Alternatively, they’re great for just taking it easy with a friend and letting the plates keep coming. M Cantina has a wide variety of tapas, including fajitas and fried plantains. Chef Merino isn’t just a genius behind the grill, though. He is a certified Master Mixologist and has the repertoire to back it up, including his creation “El Angel,” the official cocktail of Mexico.

The Entree Menu

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you may want to dive deeper into the menu at M Cantina. You can explore some truly exotic flavor combinations. Aside from traditional dishes like tacos and Mexican street corn, you can try the Chapulines, or roasted grasshoppers. They come with fingerling potatoes, cheese, and salsa. They also offer roasted goat meat with pico de gallo.

The Drink Menu

It would be a shame to visit M Cantina without sampling some of the finest selections of cocktails that Michigan has to offer. Chef Merino has been recognized worldwide for his work with cocktails. He has even started his own school to teach others the art and science of mixology. From daiquiris and piƱa coladas to fruit cocktails and agua fresca, there’s a drink for every taste at M Cantina.

M Cantina is just one of the exciting destinations in Dearborn we’d love to tell you more about. You can also enjoy dinner with a stunning view when you’re in the area. So contact us today and find out what else Fairlane Woods has to offer you.

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