Exploring Nature Near Your Apartment in Dearborn

The best way to relax after a long week is to venture outdoors. For residents of our apartments in Dearborn, here are three beautiful outdoor locations that are just minutes away.

Bicentennial Park Pathway

At 2.7 miles long, the Bicentennial Park Pathway is friendly to beginners and experienced hikers alike. This paved path is comfortable for both cycling and walking. It passes directly by public athletic fields; fans of recreational sports can hike over to enjoy a nice game day. Further on, the trail winds through the woodlands, including a boardwalk bridge that takes travelers through a scenic wetland.

Dearborn Dog Park

If you have a furry friend, Dearborn Dog Park is the best place to go. This gorgeous green space is nestled in the heart of Dearborn, just behind the community library. There are two fenced spaces for dogs of different sizes. Each side has agility training equipment, water taps, waste bags, benches, and plenty of space to run. Playful pups will enjoy the excitement of safe socializing, and their owners will enjoy the outdoor air and scenes of nature. Any dog owner with proper licensing can apply for a park permit.  

Rogue River Gateway Trail

The Rogue River Gateway Trail is two miles long and ideal for hikers and cyclists alike. Following this path will take you through the heart of the quiet woods; at two different spots you will cross over the picturesque Rogue River. Although it’s a quick trip, this trail will take you through all the highlights of Michigan nature. With its convenient location in the city, you don’t have to sacrifice convenience for a venture away. Anyone looking to enjoy some time outdoors should add this to their list of places to visit!

After a long day of outdoor exploration, settle in for the night with a home-cooked meal with fresh local ingredients.

Dearborn is a blossoming community and has so much to offer. If you’re interested in joining our apartment community, then contact us today. 

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