Find Your New Favorite Book at a Bookstore Near Dearborn

Browse the shelves at a bookstore near Dearborn.

Few things are more exciting than walking into a new-to-you bookstore for the first time. Whether it’s a specialty shop catering to a specific interest or demographic or a used bookstore with a constantly-revolving stock, you can find it just around the corner from Fairlane Woods Apartments. If you’re looking for a new bookstore near […]

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Chow Down on the Best Gourmet Hot Dogs Near Dearborn

Try some gourmet hot dogs near Dearborn this summer.

Did you know that Americans eat approximately twenty billion hot dogs every year? The man responsible for popularizing hot dogs in the United States was Nathan Handwerker. He opened his first stand on Coney Island in 1916. If you would like to enjoy traditional or unique gourmet hot dogs near Dearborn, then stop by one […]

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Grab a Bite to Eat at the Henry Ford Museum’s Restaurants

Grab a meal without leaving the museum at the Henry Ford Museum's restaurants!

Henry Ford is a National Museum that brings to life the fantastic American experience. Located in the suburbs of Detroit just a short drive away from Fairlane Woods Apartments, this amazing historic landmark is designed to inspire and help people be creative for a better tomorrow. So if you’re spending all day at the exhibits, […]

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