Plan Your Staycation At These 3 Detroit Hotels

Enjoy a staycation at these Detroit hotels.

Apartments for rent in Dearborn like those at Fairlane Woods Apartments can give you great access to all of the art and culture in Detroit. But if you want to be right in the middle of the action, a staycation at a swanky hotel can be a great way to mark a special occasion or just check out the city from a new perspective. Here are a few Detroit hotels for the perfect staycation:

Shinola Hotel

Nothing says Detroit like Shinola, so what could be more Detroit than the Shinola Hotel? The mid-century modern styling at this boutique hotel is timeless and impeccable, much like the array of culinary experiences available onsite. Their spacious rooms are elegant and tasteful. Also, many come with unique amenities like Italian cotton sheets and Shinola turntables with accompanying record libraries.

Detroit Foundation Hotel

Everything about the Detroit Foundation Hotel celebrates local artists and resources. Staying at this beautiful hotel is a quintessential Detroit experience. From amenity collaborations with local craftspeople to exciting events featuring local artisans, every aspect of your stay is curated to highlight what makes the Motor City so great. Additionally, this pet-friendly hotel boasts cozy modern rooms, complimentary bike rental, and delicious dining options.

The Siren Hotel

For a culturally-minded and one-of-a-kind hotel experience, go to The Siren. Every uniquely designed room at this small, boutique hotel is lively and vibrant. The style combines a commitment to art with a love of sumptuous, lush details. Also, it colorfully evokes a bygone era in Detroit’s history. If you want to splurge, book a night in the ornate Penthouse suite. It’s the perfect place to host an incredible party with a group of friends.

Make your staycation even better with a trip to these behind-the-scenes attractions. Once you’ve recharged, you’ll be eager to return home to your chic and cozy place at Fairlane Woods Apartments. If you want to live in Dearborn, contact us to learn more about our vibrant community!

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