Support These Local Dearborn Nonprofits

man fostering a dog

Spread some love and joy as summer approaches by supporting or making a donation to these Dearborn nonprofits — right from the comfort of your own Dearborn apartment

Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit

Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit is dedicated to rescuing animals and finding them loving homes by fostering a lifelong connection between owners and their pets. They offer a variety of volunteer and donation programs for youth and adults. You can donate to them here, or if you are considering adopting a pet, you can see their adoption services as well.

Friends of the Rouge

If you are passionate about protecting the environment, this nonprofit is a great way to make an impact. The mission of Friends of the Rouge is to spread awareness about conservation and stewardship of the Rouge River. Volunteers clean the river and the surrounding watershed and educate the community about the importance of keeping the river healthy to the ecosystem of southeast Michigan. You can donate to their cause here. You can also learn about what you can do to volunteer from home at their website.

Alhambra St. Francis Camp on the Lake

Founded in 1985, the Alhambra St. Francis Camp on the Lake was designed to provide a camping experience to children and adults with mental disabilities. The large campsite includes rustic woods, stretches of waterfront, trails, a sports areas, and log cabins. The mission of the camp is to inspire campers to become happier and more loving people. You can read more about the organization and donate to their cause here. 

If you are looking to support local businesses in addition to Dearborn nonprofits, check out Dearborn’s breweries that are offering curbside pickup. Our blog has more ideas about ways to spend time and support your local community from home. For more information on what we have to offer, contact us today.

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