Enjoy Authentic Thai Food at Thai O-sha

Preparing prawn red curry. Shot of chefs hands serving prawn red curry. Authentic Thai food

It’s not always easy to find authentic Thai food in the Dearborn area. There are plenty of Asian fusion restaurants, but few that are dedicated to classic Thai dishes. Recently, a new restaurant called Thai O-sha opened just a short drive from Fairlane Woods Apartments. So, if you’re craving spicy pad ga pow or creamy […]

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Delicious Chocolates Near Fairlane Woods Apartments

Chocolate makes for a delicious afternoon treat. Whether you like truffles, chocolate covered caramels, or chocolate bars, stop by one of the following shops near Fairlane Woods where you will find these delicious creations and more. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory When Frank Crail had a dream to raise a family in a small town, he […]

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Visit The Dearborn Historical Museum

If you enjoy taking a journey back in time, head to the Dearborn Historical Museum. Founded in 1950 to preserve the history of Dearborn and its citizens, the museum is home to several historical buildings that have fascinating stories to tell. They include: Commandant’s Quarters  Constructed in 1833, the Commandant’s Quarters is the oldest structure […]

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