Visit Lake Erie Metropark, One of North America’s Premier Hawk-Watching Sites

Spot varieties of hawk and other birds of prey at Lake Erie Metropark.

An easy drive from Fairlane Woods Apartments is a southeastern Michigan destination known as a place where memories are made. We’re talking about the Lake Erie Metropark, and it’s one of the premier hawk-watching sites in North America. It features miles of walking trails. Also, you won’t want to forget your binoculars so you can […]

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Enjoy a Day Outside at Kensington Metropark

Spend the day outdoors at Kensington Metropark!

Not far from Fairlane Woods Apartments is one of the most popular parks in Michigan. We’re talking about Kensington Metropark, and its nearly 4,500 acres of wooded, hilly terrain that surround Lake Kent. There is much to see and do. More than 2.5 million people come every year to enjoy some of the state’s natural […]

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Explore the Detroit Riverfront’s Parks and Attractions

Explore the parks and attractions along the Detroit Riverfront!

Just twenty minutes from Fairlane Woods Apartments is a destination that welcomes approximately three million visitors every year. It’s called the Detroit Riverfront, and this oasis offers much to see and do. Spend the weekend exploring each of the parks along the river. Highlights include:   Chene Park Voted one of the “Top 100 Venues in the World,” Chene Park features […]

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