Take a Virtual Tour of the Detroit Institute of Arts

man looking through virtual exhibits

With over 65,000 works that span the centuries, the Detroit Institute of Arts boasts one of the country’s largest and most significant art collections. The museum opened in 1885, and today it invites everyone to become inspired at home with the thousands of works in the online collection. Some of what you can enjoy from our Dearborn apartments includes:

Africa, Oceania, & Indigenous Americas Collection

The Africa, Oceania, & Indigenous Americas collection takes viewers around the world from North America to south of the Sahara Desert. One of the highlights includes a Navajo loom with an unfinished weaving. It dates back to the late nineteenth century and is made of wool and cotton. 

American Art 

Featuring approximately 5,000 works, American Art showcases how both artists and designers helped shape the culture and history of the Americas. One of the artists includes John Mix Stanley. He began his career as an apprentice to a wagonmaker before becoming a sign painter in Detroit. In 1839, he painted landscapes and Native American subjects, and many of his pieces were destroyed by a fire in 1865. John spent the later years of his life using his field sketches to recreate his lost work. 

Artful Cooking 

Join the museum’s Chassica Kirchhoff and her husband, Shane Hamilton, as they create a recipe inspired by Jean Simon Chardin’s “Still Life” painted in 1732. They use a butter crock, pepper grinder, eggs, and other items depicted in the painting to create a delicious hollandaise sauce that you can easily make at home.

As you take the tour, enjoy a gourmet pizza from one of Dearborn’s most popular pizzerias. If you would like to call Fairlane Woods home, please contact us. We will schedule a virtual or in-person tour where you can see everything that our apartments in Dearborn have to offer.

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