Take Virtual Yoga Classes in Dearborn

woman practicing virtual yoga at home

The virtual yoga classes offered by studios near our Dearborn apartments are a fantastic resource for staying fit and flexible. Check out three great options for maintaining a consistent yoga practice at home in Fairlane Woods.

359 Degree Yoga 

This popular local studio offers an innovative combination of classic yoga with complimentary workouts like Pilates, cardio, and weight training. You can enjoy a little bit of everything or just stick to traditional yoga. 395 Degree Yoga has now launched a Virtual Yoga Studio with pre-recorded classes from its 10 certified instructors. Browse by your favorite teacher or the style of class. Check out the 3-day free trial and then get unlimited access to this growing library of yoga for $29.99 a month. 

Yoga Shala Wellness Center 

Owner Jamie Garrison opened this yoga space in 2013 with a desire to share this unique form of fitness with her community. The teachers at Yoga Shala Wellness Center emphasize stress relief and mental clarity alongside all the great physical benefits. You can enjoy the studio’s classes virtually on the Zoom platform including the signature vinyasa class, Shala Flow. There are also many pre-recorded classes available for members at your convenience. 

Detroit Yoga Lab 

There’s a huge wealth of classes and styles to enjoy at this long-standing local studio with very skilled instructors. Detroit Yoga Lab is offering several live-streamed yoga classes daily, which means you can always find the right flow. The beginner-friendly Slow Flow is great for building strength and flexibility at a gentler pace. New clients can sign up for a month of unlimited virtual classes for just $70. 

If you develop a taste for taking virtual classes, try out the Dearborn music schools offering lessons online. You can learn more about living at Fairlane Woods Apartments by contacting us

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