Enjoy a Spot of Tea at These Three Tea Shops Near Dearborn

Enjoy herbal tea, black tea, and more at these tea shops near Dearborn!

A few moments spent with a cup of tea and a treat is one of the best ways to relax. Whether you are looking to relax with your favorite cuppa and a book or catch up with friends while sharing a pot of tea, our community has the perfect spot for you. These tea shops near Dearborn are just a short drive away from Fairlane Woods Apartments.

Socra Tea

At Socra Tea, you can enjoy a dose of art with your cup of tea. This tea shop is a hub for visual and performing arts. Enjoy specialty blends of green, black, herbal, and fruit teas, among many others. All teas meet or exceed USDA Organic standards. Round out your tea time with a signature sandwich from the lunch menu.

The shop also has an area reserved to display the work of local artists and artisans. During your visit, you can enjoy and even purchase art, ceramics, crafts, and locally made honey and jams. Socra Tea also offers tea tastings for anyone interested in expanding their palette and knowledge of tea.

Goldfish Tea

At Goldfish Tea, you can sample a variety of teas while enjoying a relaxed vibe. Goldfish Tea offers an extensive list of green, white, black, herbal, and flowering teas. Also, their knowledgeable staff members can help you select the perfect brew. Savor your cup while supporting local singers and songwriters during open mic night every Thursday. Community days, visual art shows, and tea talks and tastings round out the calendar.

Eli Tea

At Eli Tea, you can enjoy a proper cup of tea in a vibrant modern shop. You can choose from traditional loose leaf tea, matcha, house-made kombucha, and unique tea-based drinks like bubble tea. Your non-tea drinking friends will find something to enjoy here, too. The menu includes coffee and signature drinks like lavender hot chocolate. Events like board game nights, artist of the month displays, and pop up tea bars are also offered.

After enjoying a relaxing cup of tea in the morning, spend an evening after work at these local happy hours. We’d love to tell you more about what makes our community unique. Please contact us today.

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