Enjoy a Virtual Tour of the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History

woman listening to a podcast from the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History

Nestled in nearby Ann Arbor is a place that promotes “an understanding of the natural world, our place in it, and our impact on it.” We’re talking about the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History, and its collection was founded in 1837. The museum’s best known for its world-class exhibitions and cutting-edge research by UM faculty. While thousands of visitors walk through the doors each year, the museum also invites everyone to explore from home. Here is some of what you can discover from our Dearborn apartments:

Science Cafe Podcast 

Don’t miss the researchers as they explore an array of scientific topics. One of the shows from the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History includes The Secrets of Birds. Ben Winger and Shane DuBay from the zoology department discuss what the museum’s bird specimens can tell us about air quality and climate change impacts. They also share what we can do to help the rapidly declining bird population. Listen to Science Cafe on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

On the Trail of Mastodons 

The museum features the world’s only male and female mastodon skeletons side-by-side. They were discovered and excavated by UM scientists a few hours from Ann Arbor. On the Trail of Mastodons also includes the only mastodon trackway ever found. The footprints on display were cast from a trail left by mastodon near Saline, Michigan. 

Prehistoric Whales 

Believe it or not, prehistoric whales lived on land. Those on display roamed the Earth approximately 38 million years ago. The Basilosaurus was a big as a humpback whale (though slimmer), while the Dorudon resembles a modern toothed whale. Both have tiny back legs and hang in the museum’s five-story atrium. 

To call Fairlane Woods home, please contact us. Our leasing staff will schedule a showing where you can see the amenities and floor plans that our apartments in Dearborn have to offer. After exploring the museum, kick back with a non-fiction adventure e-book from the Dearborn Public Library. 

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